Black esophagus: exploring the dark

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Black esophagus: exploring the dark

Ano: 2013 | Volume: 3 | Número: 3
Autores: R. Forster, D. A. Durso, E. F. Q. Vattimo, L. M. Maruta, A. L. Werneck-Silva, V. Takayasu, M. Y. Kanegae, F. R. Lima
Autor Correspondente: R. Forster | robertforster.ufrj[email protected]

Palavras-chave: esophageal diseases, esophagitis, critical illness, diabetic ketoacidosis

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Black esophagus is a rare but underdiagnosed disease. It occurs most frequently in severely ill patients and carries a high mortality rate. Cause of death is usually attributed to the comorbid conditions. Treatment is directed at the underlying cause, acid suppression and keeping the patient nil-peros.
Surgery is needed in complicated cases and stenosis is the most feared longterm sequel. In the present article, two cases are described and literature is reviewed.