Morpho - Syntax: contrastive analysis

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Morpho - Syntax: contrastive analysis

Ano: 2005 | Volume: 12 | Número: 12
Autores: S.M.T.P.M.Borges
Autor Correspondente: Roque Lúcio | [email protected]

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A - a)Definition of the term "subject" based on a normative English grammar.
b)Some counterexamples, which go against this definition.
c)Revision of the definition given to cover those counterexamples.
B - Description of some "errors" using appropriate linguistic terminology and possible reasons, which led students to make them.
C - Description of the ideas we have had during our teaching experience that cam be productive in the area of contrastive analysis, based on morpho-syntax features of English and Portuguese.
D - Reference documents.