Performance indexes for the fulfillment of conservation units’ management

Journal of Environmental Analysis and Progress

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Editor Chefe: Rejane Magalhães de Mendonça Pimentel
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Performance indexes for the fulfillment of conservation units’ management

Ano: 2017 | Volume: 2 | Número: 1
Autores: R. F. J. Marques, A. B. C. Bilar, R. M. de M. Pimentel, E. P. Ribeiro
Autor Correspondente: A. B. C. Bilar | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: Environmental management, public policies, nature preservation

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Due to significant human-induced environmental damage, conservation units have become essential to biodiversity protection. However, these territories must be managed democratically and efficiently to meet their preservation purposes and to promote better life quality to the society. Therefore, this study has aimed to propose a set of performance indices for the monitoring and continuous improvement of the management of Parque Estadual Mata da Pimenteira located in Serra Talhada-PE. Questionnaires were applied to the full members of the Management Board with the objective of establishing a prioritization for actions indicated on its management plan, as well as to propose and validate indices capable of evaluating the execution effectiveness of these actions. A relevant product was the obtainment of an index system intended to examine obtained results by the studies conservation unit, which may serve as a parameter for other legally protected environmental territories.