Rawls’s Point of View: A Systematic Reading of Justice as Fairness

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Rawls’s Point of View: A Systematic Reading of Justice as Fairness

Ano: 2020 | Volume: 14 | Número: 2
Autores: M. Fanton
Autor Correspondente: M. Fanton | [email protected]

Palavras-chave: John Rawls, justice as fairness, point of view, political contractualism, reflective equilibrium

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This paper offers a systematic reading of justice as fairness. By ‘systematic reading’ I mean an interpretation capable of presenting the rawlsian political conception as a coherent theoretical framework with all its stages of justification. I argue that the concept of point of view allows for this kind of interpretation. In the first part of this paper, I briefly discuss the difficulties of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of justice as fairness from some proposals previously set forth in the literature. In the second part, I make a formal definition of the concept of point of view and expound the main points of view in justice as fairness. Finally, I set out in detail what I will call here ‘Rawls’s point of view’, the starting point of justice as fairness.